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AMOSENSE is a Korean IoT device maker with decades of deep expertise and experience in manufacturing advanced material based electronic components, modules, devices and solutions for the IT, IoT, Bio, Environment, Automotive, and Energy industries.  

AMOSENSE’s innovative design and distinctive engineering technology is able to leverage technology and capabilities of the AMO Group. AMOSENSE’s Smart IoT division has deep experience in antenna calibration, hardware design, and firmware optimization allowing it to develop a variety of Sigfox devices optimized for different use cases and operating environments.  

Our mission statement, “World First, World Best”, not only means that we make the world’s first and best product, but also that we support and serve our partners and customers to become global leaders in their respective industries through our high quality products and reliable solutions.  

As an affiliate of the Sigfox operator in Korea, AMOSENSE is fully committed to making great contributions to the Sigfox ecosystem in your country and strives towards meeting and exceeding expectations of partners and customers around the world.

AMO Group

AMO Group

World Best Products

  • NFC Antenna

    First mass production in the world, currently holding the global #1 market share

  • NFC/WPC/PMA/MST Combo Antenna

    First product launch and mass production in the world


    The largest market share through supplying to the Global Top Tier 1 companies

  • Hybrid Shielding Materials

    Successful development of the wideband shielding technology combining ferrite and metal sheet

  • Chip Varistor

    First massive production in Korea, 400 million units per month supplied currently

  • Amorphous Core

    Sole provider in Korea, holding the position among the global top 4 companies

GLOBAL Presence

  • Employees (2017)


  • Sales (2017)

    434Million (USD)

  • Patent (2017)


  • Production Sites


  • R&D expenses (2017)

    28.5Million (USD)